The Man Who Loved What Skiing Could Be

For hundreds of years, ski technology barely changed. Sure, stronger woods made an appearance, camber came onto the scene, and tips and tails got wider, but that was about it. And then one day in 1947, an aeronautical engineer named Howard Head went skiing for the first time. And he was not impressed. Howard knew there had to be a way to make skis lighter, faster, and more friendly. He set to work for three years, creating one prototype after another, and step by step, the HEAD ski came to life. With its plywood core, aluminum sheets, plastic sidewalls, and a continuous steel edge, it was a revolution on the slopes. Suddenly anyone could ski and have fun at the same time. And the rest, along with the competition, was history.

Howard Head tests the flex of his new metal skis in the factory.

Now 70 years later we continue the spirit of engineering ingenuity by offering the highest quality ski equipment on the market to winter sports enthusiasts. This has and will be for decades to come part of our DNA. This year we incorporated new designs using the lightest and strongest materials that perform better than ever. Check out the latest collection.



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