Svindal leads a HEAD clean sweep of the Podium

After Kjetil Jansrud had posted the fastest times in both training runs, Aksel Lund Svindal knew he had to raise the bar to better his teammates times. From the opening split you could see the HEAD skis were running fast and no one could get near Svindal through the gliding section as he pushed the skis to their limit in search of speed.

Svindal is enjoying his racing this year and enjoys it most when he can push it to the limit. Tight lines, smooth turns and Svindal was on the edge fighting for every hundredth of second. There were a few mistakes but Svindal was in a class of his own, posting the fastest time at all the splits.

“Today’s race was tough with lots of rollers. The course setting was really fast but with those perfect conditions it’s not a problem, you can ski fast. Kjetil already said that yesterday and after watching his video, I knew that he is very strong here and I knew I had to do a perfect run if I want to go for it. I did some mistakes yesterday, and I pushed really hard today to win this race,” Svindal explained after the race.

Jansrud was playing catch up from the first split and knew where he had lost time that cost him the win. “It was faster today, a little more icy, a little more wavy under the foot everywhere so it was tough to ski and it was one of the fastest Beaver Creek downhills we’ve had in many years. As you can see in the splits, I was losing in the top split so apart from that I was skiing good, so I’m happy, but Aksel just did something unbelievable up top, so that’s where he won the race.”

For Fayed his consistency is becoming a strong feature of his racing. This was his third career podium yet he is still a solid fixture in the elite group of racers: “I still have to work a lot to catch up with the two guys in front of me,” he admitted.

Andrew Weibrecht posted the fastest speed in the race (123.40 KMH) at the third speed marker on his way to a career best Downhill result and afterwards said: “That run felt good, I was definitely hanging it out. A couple times I didn’t know if maybe I gave away too much or risked a little too much, but I guess it was right in there. I skied the way I wanted to all the way down.”



1. Aksel Lund Svindal (NOR) HEAD
2. Kjetil Jansrud (NOR) HEAD
3. Guillermo Fayed (FRA) HEAD
5. Andrew Weibrecht (USA) HEAD
10. Adrien Theaux (FRA) HEAD
11. Erik Guay (CAN) HEAD
17. Georg Streitberger (AUT) HEAD
21. Matthias Mayer (AUT) HEAD
22. Johan Clarey (FRA) HEAD
23. Benjamin Thomsen (CAN) HEAD
30. Blaise Giezendanner (FRA) HEAD




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