Vonn dominates in Zauchensee

This was the second Super G of the season and Vonn’s second win. Despite only having raced in Zauchensee in Super G twice before, in 2004 and 2011, Vonn gave the rest of the field a lesson in how to attack the hill and the course: She used the power in her skis to maximum effect as she carved a line others dared not take. This tactic proved very successful as she won for the 26th time in Super G and took her 40th podium.

“It’s a perfect start to the new year,” Vonn said. “You know, I had a lot of confidence after Lake Louise and then in Val d’Isère I felt like I just kind of lost my confidence a little bit after going out in the downhill, so I went home. I had a good break and now I’m energized again. I feel really good mentally and physically, and I think that showed in this weekend’s racing. Hopefully, I can just continue on in this direction, keep the momentum going and hopefully, keep winning.”

Vonn continued: “I know technically where I need to make speed and the bottom part is always the most important and I think today and yesterday, I skied that part very well,” Vonn continued. “You know, two wins in a weekend is amazing.”

Lara Gut put the disappointment of the previous Super G in Lake Louise behind her as she took second. “I am happy to be skiing well again in super-G. In Lake Louise, the way I skied it was terrible, so I’m happy to be back and do what I can. Sure I made a big mistake and I lost a lot of time in from the last split to the finish, but that’s skiing.”

Lizz Goergl continued her revival in placing fifth, following on from her ninth in the Downhill the previous day. “At first I was disappointed of the difference but now I’m super happy,” said Goergl adding: “I remained calm . It was anyway always all there, only I had to somehow start again from afresh,” she added. ” I had not forgotten how to race,” she laughed. “Now I just attack even more.”

Gut still leads the Overall while Vonn has the perfect record in Super G.



1. Lindsey Vonn (USA) HEAD
2. Lara Gut (SUI) HEAD
3. Connie Huetter
5. Liz Goergl (AUT) HEAD
8. Kajsa Kling (SWE) HEAD
17. Elena Curtoni (ITA) HEAD
18. Corinne Suter (SUI) HEAD
30. Dajana Dengschertz (AUT) HEAD




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