Ultimate Freedom in a Simple Turn

New Joy Video with Anita Wachter

After 17 years of professional World Cup skiing, Anita Wachter is searching for perfect turns on lonely mountains. The medals at the Olympic Games in Calgary 1988 and the Overall World Cup title in the 1992/93 season and eight medals at World Championships were a great success back then but now, other things are way more important for her. Nevertheless, thinking back to that very special moment standing alone on top of the podium in Canada listening to the Austrian anthem brings back some sparkles in her eyes.

Growing up in typical rural Vorarlberg, Anita had to keep up with her two older brothers. At the age of six she joined the local ski club where she started racing. Four years later, the talented young girl attended the Skihauptschule in Schruns/Tschagguns having the best time of her live. Back then, skiing was not a stressful profession – it was pure fun. From off-piste skiing in waist deep powder to icy moguls and through narrow woods hitting every jump she could find she developed her fine and unique technique becoming the perfect all-round skier.

Looking back to those years she still remembers one big crash in fluffy snow coming to a stop under a huge pine tree…

Anita thinks that nowadays young skiers sometimes focus too much on racing and forget about the simple joy of skiing but she would do it all again – the World Cup Ski Racing: red and blue, over and over, dark early-birds on cold and windy mountains pushing the limit on every single training run with the pressure to succeed.

Enjoying the view from Golm in Montafon. Pictured Three Towers behind.

Because she loved the competition, being part of a great team and the search for the perfect turn combined with the unbeatable feeling of winning made everything worth it. A period where she learned not to give up and where she met wonderful people. Those unforgettable moments she still has in her mind; standing on top of the mountain in Cortina d’Ampezzo when the sun rises over the Dolomites with ibex and chamois watching from high above.

In 2001, Anita was tired of leaving home too often and the uncompromising will to win was not strong enough anymore, so she decided to move on and went for the family life with a husband and kids. Without any regrets she stopped racing and put all the energy into them.

Without any physical damage from competitive skiing she enjoys skiing even more today. Getting up early in the morning, astonished by peaceful sunrises in the mountains she loves putting in first runs in untracked slopes.

Choosing her lines and focusing on nothing else means the ultimate freedom. In those moments there is no tomorrow and no yesterday, no problems or plans – just the here and now and the joy of playing with different conditions of snow.

She still aims for the perfect turn; putting pressure on the tip of her skis at the beginning of the turn, waiting for the response and the feedback from the ski, then building up some power resulting in acceleration and speed. It is a feeling of happiness from head to toe when she gets close to that perfect turn; but she also likes the not-so-perfect ones because it’s more the search than the destination…

Anita also enjoys and appreciates the quieter things in life when she discovers the outdoors with her family and goes for long walks with her dog. In the nature and forests she finds her inner peace and sometimes, when nobody is watching, she also likes to hug a tree. In those intimate moments she can connect to the whole universe.

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