Swedish Skier Carl Regnér Ready to Take On the Freeride World Tour

Written and Photographed by Anton Enerlov, Photographer, Writer, and Friend of Carl Regnér

Carl Regnér, the Swedish upcoming Freeride skier is now ready to beat the big guys.

After only two years competing on the Freeride World Qualifier Tour he’s now warming up for the Freeride World Tour competition in Hakuba, Japan.

“I’m super excited about the first competition here in Japan, but of course really nervous. One of the biggest changes from the FWQ-tour is all the media exposure that comes with FWT. With new competitors and bigger lines it’s hard to keep the mental game together, I know that I can ski and I trust myself but sometimes I have to remind myself why I’m doing this, and it’s because I love skiing. My goal for my first season is to qualify to Verbier and keep riding on the World Tour next season.”

The days before the competition Carl has traveled around the main island of Japan with his older brother Olle Regnér, Oscar Scherlin and Photographer Anton Enerlöv. Mixed weather conditions with snowstorms and warming sun give opportunities for nice ski touring.

…And rewarding cold snow higher up.

The classic avalanche fences of Japan can’t stop Carl from doing his signature trick Flat spin with a Japangrab.

Will we see you throw down a trick at the competition?
Carl: “Haha, I don’t know how the competition face is yet.”

What Head skis will you choose for the competition in Japan?

Carl: “I’ll use the 117 Kore skis to handle all the Japanese powder.”

Now it’s time to change focus from shooting pictures to the competition that is taking place in a few days, do you think you will feel any different from starting in a Freeride World Qualifer competition?

Carl: “I always think “why am I doing this” when I’m standing at the start gate, but as soon as I make the first turn and the adrenaline kicks in and when I cross the finish line a few minutes later, I put on a big smile.”

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