Second win for Vonn at Finals, second Globe

Lindsey Vonn rose to the challenge of the run put down by her fellow HEAD World Cup Rebel to win her second race in two days and also take her second Globe of the season, her nineteenth in all. Anna Fenninger held on for second to extend her lead over Tina Maze in the race for the Overall. Maze took third overall. This was race win 67 for Lindsey on the World Cup.

“I gave everything and risked everything but Lindsey was just better,” explained Anna Fenninger after the race. Fenninger was the first of the three big stars in the race and put down a run that set the standard required by the others in the race for the Super G globe and the Overall. Fenninger literally attacked and risked all that she could in her effort to win the Super G Globe. “At first, it hurts me that it did not work with the small Globe. I was in the last few seasons has always cutting it close to a speed Globe, but it has never worked. That’s a goal of mine.”

“I knew that Anna was leading and that I would have to give 100% if I wanted to win. It was win and the Globe or nothing,” a delighted Vonn explained after the race. “I risked everything. I think I am strong, when I have to be strong. The World Cup season was mostly perfect – in a few races, the rhythm was missing. Next year I will challenge in the Overall World Cup again.”

With the women racing the same course as the men had raced earlier in the day, the same sections decided the outcome of the race, especially the roll coming into the finish pitch. A clean line was vital yet those that pushed it to the limit were rewarded with fast times: Vonn and Fenninger pushed it to the limit to take the top two places in the race and for the Globe.

With Fenninger taking a lead of 32 points into the last two races, she will have a chat with her coaches before deciding on whether to race in the Slalom. It is all to play for.



1. Lindsey Vonn (USA) HEAD World Cup Super G Champion
2. Anna Fenninger (AUT) HEAD
3. Tina Maze



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