Make Your First Run the Sharpest Ever

Innovation is at the heart of HEAD. It is a game of firsts. But it isn’t always about being the first to the bottom; it is about being the first to the top. In the promise of the early morning light, an untouched, empty first run brings a moment of brief perfection. We are free from the distractions of an uneven surface and the need to look out for others, and can instead enjoy the harmony of our bodies, our abilities and our equipment. This year Head Ski invites skiers to enjoy the first run of the day with their #headfirstrun campaign and the launch of the new Supershape Ski Collection.

HEAD dedicates a special microsite to the global #headfirstrun campaign that gives skiers the opportunity to experience the overwhelming beauty of first run with HEAD legends, Franz Klamer, Hermann Maier, Marco Bücher, Maria Höfl-Riesch, and Didier Cuche. In addition to information about the contest and how to sign up, the website also offers interactive tools to experience the new SUPERSHAPE collection, your perfect partner in crime for every first run and beyond. The website will go live on November 18, 2016 at


The SUPERSHAPE Ski collection brings together several groundbreaking innovations

GRAPHENE technology makes the skis more reactive, always balanced and in complete control no matter the condition and no matter how sharp the run gets. In addition, the WC SANDWICH CAP CONSTRUCTION combines the most extreme agility with extreme responsiveness and the PRX 12 bindings deliver optimum reactivity and precision. Available at selected retailers and online, the new SUPERSHAPE collection consists of four different models (i.SPEED, i.MAGNUM, i.RALLY, i.TITAN) with each having its own characteristics to ensure that skiers of different level and preferences can enjoy the first run to the fullest.

To share the campaign use #headfirstrun and #feelinnovation, and/or visit our website at and sign up for the contest to have the chance to win a pair of Supershape skis and a day skiing with Head Legends.


New Collection:

It is in the name. This pure on-piste ski offers a fast reaction time, is lower to the ground and has the narrowest footprint of all. A true performer that will blow the competition away.
Sizes and Dimensions: 156/163/170/177/184 cm; 124-68-104 mm. Radius: 14

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This precision instrument is built for all-day speed and turns speed into pleasure. The most versatile of the SUPERSHAPE skis puts you in charge of the gas pedal if you are up for it.
Sizes and Dimensions: 149/156/163/170/177 cm; 131-72-110 mm. Radius: 13.1

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With its widened SUPERSHAPE geometry and ultra light core, it allows you to get creative both on and off the piste. Fast, friendly and forgiving, this one is easy to ski, easy to push and easy to cruise.
Sizes and Dimensions: 149/156/163/170/177 cm; 135-76-114 mm. Radius: 13.7

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If you want total flexibility, this one is your best shot. With its wider footprint, this one is perfect for cruising and laid-back skiing. Perfect for a less aggressive style, this one lets you enjoy the view as well.
Sizes and Dimensions: 156/163/170/177 cm; 137-80-117 mm. Radius: 14.1

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