HEAD Skis and Matchstick Productions Team Up With Alex Schlopy for Third Installment of ‘What’s Your Limit?’

“The first time I saw the famous mining trestle with the MSP crew, I was all like, ‘whatever it’s not really that gnarly.’ In reality, I was freaking out because of my lack of backcountry experience and the size of the monstrous feature,” said Schlopy. “It was 10 times bigger than I imagined. After I cried, I went and sat alone in the trees and tried to call my mom, but didn’t have any service. Eventually I realized that I had to either put on my big boy pants and send a double backflip or just ski home. I did the second double backflip of my life, off one of the biggest jumps I’ve ever hit, and somehow held it together to land it. Once again, I cried while quietly screaming, ‘that felt better than winning X Games! Give me another!’ There is never a dull moment with the MSP crew and massive jumps.”

Schlopy tackled the trestle jump using HEAD 181 Collective skis, HEAD Thrasher 100 Boots and Tyrolia AAAttack 16 bindings.


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