Get Ready to Feel the AdvantEDGE on the Slopes

Ski boots have never been more comfortable. With the launch of the new AdvantEDGE ski boots, HEAD lets you #feeltheADVANTedge with a boot that is so light, balanced and powerful that you will feel like dancing.

The AdvantEDGE boot is the heart and soul of HEAD’s #feeltheADVANTedge campaign that lets consumers discover the extreme balance and engineered flex the boot offers with the help of a dance artist who will visually change the way you feel about ski boots. In addition to interactive tools and background information on the boot and its groundbreaking technologies, the site also invites consumers to upload their own dance move videos and win a pair of AdvantEdge boots. The website will go live on December 2, 2016.

Thanks to a combination of balanced control, instant power and an engineered flex, the new AdvantEDGE ski boot allows you to #feeltheADVANTedge in an entirely new way. Thanks to its new control frame geometry your legs remain in a more upright position, which leads to a more natural stance and therefore to more balance, comfort and control. The boot also features the power efficient Hi-Top Tech boot design that provides immediate energy transfer from the body to the ski for easier turns, while the Duo Flex technology gives you more energy on the rebound. The new AdvantEDGE ski boot is available in seven different models at selected retailers and online.

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