Freerider James Heim Discusses the Evolution of Kore

by James Heim

My name is James Heim and it’s been my pleasure working with Head for the last 15 years as a freeride athlete. Of course I love being an athlete and representing Head on the slopes, but I also was very fortunate and really enjoyed working directly with the Head research and development team creating the Kore ski.

It was 3 years ago this fall that I was attending athlete meetings at the Head office in Kennelbach and began discussing the future of the freeride line. We had a small group involved with different backgrounds and specializations. Sales and Marketing Director, Rene Harrer has always been the brain behind future ski projects and he often loves to throw crazy far fetched ideas on the wall. One big topic that came up in our initial discussion is that in order to compete in the freeride market, we needed to update the Flight Series or change it all together. The Head’s women line was a big part of the conversation. At the time and still now, the Head women’s skis are some of the lightest on the market while still skiing with fantastic performance.

From our initial meetings we decided to create something simple: a lightweight but extremely versatile ski with a unique construction concept. At this point there wasn’t really many skis that were light and skied similar to a traditional construction ski, so you were always sacrificing one aspect of performance or another depending how these other manufactures built the skis.

From a design standpoint we all agreed simple is better and but still sexy and fun. We decided to also add rocker and side cut profiles. We also discussed widths, radius’ and how many models to start with. From there Rene took this information to the engineers and designers and thus ignited the what is now the most talked about ski this season, the Kore.

It’s interesting now to think of what could be next, how could this ski evolve into something even better? I look forward to seeing what the future holds but for now I’m pretty happy just enjoying how damn fun these new skis are.

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