Every limit pushed, pushes our sport HEAD Ski Brand Campaign “What’s your limit?” challenges athletes

The global campaign’s main message comes to life in a 90-second film uniting the different worlds of racing, freeride and freestyle skiing with inspiring video segments from around the world. It impressively shows that everybody, from medal-winning alpine racers to professional freestylers, are united and bonded by the universal desire to challenge and more importantly cross their own individual boundaries in their own ways. The movie also inspires athletes to keep overcoming their setbacks and struggles and keep pushing for more since it is the only way to also push their beautiful sport to the next level.

A prominent example of HEAD’s “What’s your limit?” campaign is alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn. After suffering from a long injury-induced absence from the competitive ski world, she had to fight her way back to the top to get to a total of 67 Word Cup victories, which make her the most successful women ski racer in history. Her and many more stories are touched upon in the new “What’s your limit?” campaign movie, which will launch on November 27, 2015, on HEAD’s social media platforms as well as on head.com/ski.

The desire to push boundaries and conquer new territory has been at the very core of HEAD ever since its founder Howard Head invented the groundbreaking laminate skis in 1950, which evolved the sport into what we know it as today and set off an unparalleled company success story. Over 60 years later, the aspiration to conquer the unknown and keep pushing boundaries is still very present in everything HEAD does in their desire to support their athletes and consumers to challenge their personal limits.


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